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Bar 17

Developing a digital strategy for Saint Petersburg’s first ice-hockey bar.
Bar 17 is the first ice-hockey bar in Saint Petersburg. It opened under the aegis of Alexander Kharlamov, a son of the famous hockey player.
The place features many Soviet and Russian ice-hockey attributes and tells its story in an effort to unite all sports fans in cities throughout Russia.
Valery Borisovich Kharlamov
USSR Honored Master of Sports and two-time Olympic champion
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Yuri Somov
Representatives of the bar contacted us with a trivial problem: a lack of attendance. The low attendance was despite the fact that SKA is a leader in attendance in the Kontinental Hockey League. On average, their games receive 12,133 spectators, or 97% of the overall capacity of the Ice Hockey Palace.
The goal was to find ways to attract and keep the bar in front of the target audience, both SKA fans and fans of other sports, where they could watch the games of a favorite team.
Once the goal of higher attendance (i.e., greater frequency) was established, we pictured main portraits of potential clients of “Bar 17.” Then, after gathering consumer insight from each representative, we created a message and selected advertising media with which to broadcast the message to each segment of the target audience.
Groups on the topic
Social network profiles
After studying a wide spectrum of bar societies, including those that are distant from “Bar 17” and even outside of Moscow, we defined the main activities that help attract a general audience to a bar. More than 50 people were questioned in person, and more than 700 social network profiles, 100 social network groups and sports blogs were analyzed. Also were considered interviews with owners and representatives of the bar industry.
The result of the strategy was not only a media plan for one year but also a weekly broadcast schedule synchronized with social network activity to keep messages transmitted through advertising channels, thus ensuring a higher involvement percentage of the target audience.
Segments of the target audience
Different advertising channels
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segments of the target audience
Бар 17
We made a digital strategy and developed offline-tools for a bar with a strong cultural background.
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