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Smolensky passage

We developed a website and promotional strategy for the Smolensky Passage office and retail complex in Moscow.
The key issues concerned the manner in which to establish communication between shopping-center visitors and the lessees, and how to accomplish this task on the website.
We did more than simply make a website. We created a communication bridge between shopping-center visitors and lessees, and increased the real amount of visitors manifold by harnessing the power of the Internet.
To attract a wider audience, we created a system of blogs. Thus, it was possible to “attach” one or more lessees to each blog post. Therefore, by writing, for example, a post about new fashion trends, we could motivate shoppers to visit particular shops in the mall. The site is a powerful communicator: Each lessee can publish its promotions and events, and can advertise them accordingly. A simple, convenient comment system integrated with social networks offers easy communication. Additionally, we provided the possibility to engage competitions via Instagram. The hashtag #smolensky channels photographs to the website.
A central place on the main page is used for the call to action. By asking specific questions to a user, we initiate communication. It’s all about psychology. After that point, all that’s left is to direct the user toward the next step.
Each lessee has its own position on the site, depending on the floor layout. A lessee can write general information on its page, announce a special offer, or write an article. Also, a lessee can have a blog column.
Смоленский пассаж
We incorporated a world of communication into the website, and consequently the brands and their audiences were brought together. The “Smolensky Passage” website stands above the competition and is 100% recognized by users.
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